Age limit for

Admission in Maharashtra

Academic year 2020-21

Based on GR dated 25 July 2019 which allows upto 15 days difference in DOB.

Admission for Class Age in years

by 30 September, 2020

Date of Birth between
Nursery 3 1st Oct., 2016 – 30th Sep. 2017
Junior KG / LKG 4 1 October, 2015 & 30 September 2016
Senior KG / UKG 5 1/10/14 to 30/9/15


Age criteria for admission in Pune

AY 2021-22

As per GR of 18/09/20 and clarification dated 12/10/20.

Admission for Standard Age by 31 December, 2021 Birthday of child
Nursery 3 1st January, 2018 – 31st December, 2018
LKG / Junior 4 1 Jan. 2017 & 31 Dec. 2017
UKG / Senior 5 1/1/16 to 31/12/16


Documents to gather

  1. Original Birth Certificate obtained from Municipality or Panchayat to be shown & its Xerox copy. Doctor issued papers will not be accepted.
  2. One latest passport size photo of your child.
  3. Medical certificate of kid.
  4. Income proof of the parents – (Latest Form-16/ Salary Slip / last 12 months Bank Statement).
  5. Address proof – (Light bill / Aadhar Card / Driving License / Registered Rent Agreement / Voter ID)
  6. Mark Sheet. (For Sr. KG admission)

Admission Process

  1. Admission form can be filled online or also by visiting the PreSchool during office hours.
  2. Child and parents have to physically be present with all the documents on the informed date and time for form submission to initiate the process.
  3. In case of non presence of the parents or your kid, or incase of incomplete documents or details, on the given date and time for form submission, the admission shall remain unallotted and may require re-submission subject to availability.
  4. Do carry a print of the filled form in case of unforeseen scenarios at the pre schools end.
  5. Filling and submitting the form or documents does not confirm admission. Please simultaneously apply in alternate schools as we have limited seats.
  6. Admission will be on first come first served basis, subject to availability & meeting eligibility requirements.
  7. Filling the form more than once for the same child is not allowed.
  8. Carefully fill all details in the form, as it cant be changed once submitted.
  9. Incomplete or incorrectly filled forms could be rejected without notice.
  10. No preference will be given to influential or political peoples requests / letters to give a fair opportunity to all.
  11. Do not fall prey to any person offering guaranteed admission in the PrePrimary school or assisting with the same or other favours.
  12. Do not pay any sum without receipts and pay only online through the official website / at the authorized bank using provided challan or at the preschool office and ensure you immediately receive your valid receipt.
  13. On confirmation of meeting the eligibility requirements and winning the lot, the childs name will appear in the admission list. Payment to be made in one stroke within the provided time frame failing which provisional admission or reservation will be cancelled.


  • Please check for updated information from other reliable sources as the information posted here regarding eligibility or other requirements or criteria is subject to change without notice based on newer rules or GR, etc that could become applicable.
  • Do also review our privacy statement, Terms of Service & rules. Most recent copy may be obtained from the office.